Erick Rudolph, Brian Swarthout Set To Chase OktoberFAST Glory This Coming October

Information By: DIRTCAR – CONCORD, NC – Erick Rudolph & Brian Swarthout have been mainstays during October at Super DIRT Week.  Without the big week-long spectacle of speed in 2020, the two campaigners will be making the six-night trek through New York State chasing OktoberFAST glory.

Rudolph has signed on for all six nights of Big Block Modified races as well as all three nights of
358-Modified features.  That’s nine Modified races in six days! Run, run Rudolph!

Swarthout will strap behind the wheel of his Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified for six nights in a row, chasing the checkered flag at one of the events that will take place October 6th-11th.

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